How do we know that you’re not a scammer?

I’d like you to Meet Ada. Ada is an entrepreneur trying to scale her business online. Even though Ada has a physical store too, she really believes that selling online will help her make massive sales and hit her goals. Ada is really getting frustrated and is thinking of giving up on building her business online and just concentrating on her physical store after all, she’s doing well there. 

She stumbles on my page @Digitalbizguru on Instagram, is wowed by how educative the page is  and decides to book a one on one session. There Ada fully understands what she’s doing wrong in her online business. 

When people walk into her store, she welcomes them and tries to be jovial and even get to know them before she sells but, when they come to her DM she just fires down with more than 20 pictures of her newest arrivals before understanding what their problem even is. She wasn’t building trust, nor was she building a relationship with her customers. 

She forgot that her customers are real people too and she should win their trust before she starts selling. 

Are you Ada? Is Ada You? Is you Ada? 

I will share with you what I shared with Ada that helped her 5x her sales in less than 3 months of implementation. I told her about these amazing little things called trust indicators and below are my top 5. 


  1. Social proof: Social proof like reviews and testimonials are amazing strategies that can help you build trust in your online business. As customers we buy products that make us feel good about ourselves and we feel even better about buying that product when other people have given positive feedback on their experience with their products.
  2. Return policy: Imagine how confident we’ll be buying from you if we know that we can return the product to you if for any reason we’re not happy with what we received. This particular trust indicator places 100% of the responsibility on the seller and 0% on the buyer, use it carefully. 
  3. Guarantees: For people like me who sell digital products or who offers services, guarantees are an amazing way to go. Lets use a course for instance. Most first buyers need more convincing before they agree to part with their money and what better way to convince them than to tell them that there’s a guarantee on this product or service. It could be a 100% money back guarantee if you execute what’s in the course. This simply means that if you paid 100 dollars for this, you’d definitely make back your course fee before you finish up! The guarantee could even be a refund if they are not happy with the service. You could tailor it to suit your business. It’s important you don’t make any guarantees you can stand by! We have a very short post on how to use guarantees and it’s on our blog. You can TAP HERE to read it!
  4. Certifications: Certifications are another type of trust indicators. They show a high level of professionalism. They also show your customers that you’re invested in your education and will therefore only give them the best! They work better on some businesses than on others. Test it out and see how your audience receives it. I’d guess a marriage counselor sharing her certification will have more impact than a baker sharing her certification. This doesn’t mean that the baker’s audience won’t be impressed by her certifications though. You’d definitely need to test.  
  5. Give directions to your physical store (if you have one): Where I come from, people feel better shopping from you when you have a physical store. That way they know they can pay you a quick visit should anything go wrong (and it won’t be a peaceful visit). So if you have one, please use it. If you don’t have one, you still have four other trust indicators to pick from.  

You shouldn’t never loose any customers again because of trust issues… Nah, not when you’ve got me!  

I hope you enjoyed this post. Please, do share with your friends in business.  


Signing out, till next time 

Oma 💕  

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Omoyemi Yemrel

Thanks for sharing ma was really helpful

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