Look who finally decided to start a blog!


I’m guessing we should start with simple introductions first. My name is Ihuoma Chukwuezi, my students call me Oma and I’m from Owerri, Imo state in Nigeria.

I’m the founder of this amazing digital marketing agency called digitalbizguru. You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn @digitalbizguru.

Let me give you a quick intro about me. Before I started digitalbizguru, I first had a business that I ran for almost three years. It was a fashion and beauty business and I started it in my second year in the University.

I can still remember how it was for me. Many a night, I’ll cry myself to sleep after hours of thinking about what I’m doing wrong and coming up with absolutely nothing. I had no physical store, I was based fully online and I was combining my business with school work. It was a rollercoaster!

It took me a long time before I could figure out what I was doing in that business and how to scale it efficiently and I haven’t looked back ever since then. The same way I found it difficult growing my business online I knew that there would be other people just like me who needed the help and that’s how digitalbizguru came to be.

I have helped 1,139 businesses boost their sales online just this year alone through my courses and other services that I have provided them. I give free tips and tutorials on my pages but I started noticing that some people from my audience preferred longer form content. They don’t mind reading long stories so far as they’re interesting and teach something and so I decided to start a blog.

This is our very first blog post. Yaayy!

Digital marketing is complex but it doesn’t have to be difficult, my students are a proof of that.

If you’re interested in building a sustainable business online, then you should definitely be looking out for my posts!

I can’t wait to write to you again!

Oma 💕

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– Jessica

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