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How To Create FB & IG Ads That Convert

In this class, a Facebook and Instagram Ads expert will be sharing her secrets and insights into what you need to create ads that'll convert. You'll also be getting the juice on all the new updates and how to use them to your advantage!
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You Need Ads!

You don’t just needs Ads, you need Ads that work. You’ve probably setup Ads expecting to see wild results only to hear crickets. It’s so frustrating because you can see your competitors making it through their Ads and this makes you wonder why your case is so special.

I can understand how you feel and I can help you just as I’ve helped other people just like you and that’s exactly why you should be in this class. 

Here's A Peek Into What You'll Learn In Class...


ad setup

We’ll talk about Facebook Ads in 2023: Some updates that have happened and some changes you need to know about.


instagram ads

Bring your Instagram ads issues to this class let’s dismantle it. You’ll also be learning how to create IG Ads from the Ads Manager


How to create a whatsapp campaign

WhatsApp is probably the most accessible platform for receiving traffic but, most of us don’t know how to setup WhatsApp ads that work. Join this class to learn the Do’s and Don’ts of a Successful WhatsApp Campaign.


live q&a session

When you join us live, you get the opportunity to chat with me in real time and also ask all your questions. Of course, this is not available for those who don’t make it to the live class.

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