Is Your Page Setup To Make Sales?

Are you using sponsored ads to pull people to your business? Is it influencer marketing? Collaborations? Networking? Which method are you using to create awareness and pull traffic to your business? I'm here to let you know that it will all be a waste of time if your page is not ready to receive those people and convert them to customers.

Ever wondered why you're not as successful as your competitors even when you're doing exactly what they're doing?

You're using the same influencers. You're running ads too. You're doing so much but when people come, they don't stay. They don't even hang around for more than 5 minutes and they definitely don't buy. Pulling traffic to a disorganized page is just like spending money on fliers, billboards and magazines and when we finally notice you and decide to visit your shop, we meet an almost empty and really scattered shop. What do you think will happen?
We'll probably go back to where we were just coming from. You can stop this from happening to your business by following some simple steps I'll show you in this mini-course. Don't turn on those ads without doing this first!

What will you be learning in this course?

This list is not exhaustive but it's here to give you a glimpse into all the juiciness contained here. You cannot finish this course, implement and not see a positive shift in your online presence!

Facebook Audit

You'll learn how to use your Facebook account to attract buyers. You'll also learn how to audit your Facebook page yourself.

Google My Business Audit

You've probably had a GMB account for a while but you still don't know what to do with it and how to get ranked. We will show you the most important things that need to be in your Google my business to help you get ranked on the first page of google search results.

Instagram Audit

Using our 10-point Instagram audit method, You'll learn how you can convert your Instagram from being basic into a money making machine!

LinkedIn Audit

Are you making sales from your LinkedIn? Unlike 2 platforms we know (which I will not mention their names... lol), the organic reach for LinkedIn is still booming. Why are you not using it? In this course you'll learn things you must do on your LinkedIn profile and page to be able to attract quality leads. Are you ready?

Still Not Convinced?

You're a tough one but, I came prepared. I also happen to really like tough people because they're the doers of this world. Alright.... I'll be making this already juicy offer even juicier by throwing in three bonuses

Bonus One

Downloadable guides and checklists
that you can keep handy when you start doing your audits. They'll help you easily stay on track.

Bonus Two

Downloadable eBook containing 25+ tools and software that will help your online business thrive. This covers tools ranging from website designing to copywriting to content creation to paid advertising and a lot more!

Bonus Three

A 30-days content calendar. This is to help you kickstart your page after you've implemented the audits. Our goal is for customers to slide into your DM consistently and for your competitors to start wondering how you're killing it.

"This is the second course I'm getting from you and I'm so impressed. One thing I like about you is how you always under promise and over deliver. Ever since i implemented some of what i learnt on my IG & FB, I've seen a great deal of improvement. So happy I signed up!"
Ecos & Co.

Are you wondering why it's so affordable?

You can get this course and all the bonuses at a giveaway price when you sign up today! I'm not charging even up to a third of the worth of this course, and no it's not because I'm mother Christmas. I'm doing this because this course is still pretty new. I want you to get in now so that you can send me your reviews and then I can use it to convince more people that they need this! This is the cheapest this course will ever be and price could be going up by tomorrow even.

What You'll Learn in This Course

  • Instagram Page Audit (part 1)
  • Instagram Page Audit (part 2)
  • Instagram Page Audit (desktop)
  • How To Setup Your IG
  • Discussion Center
  • Facebook Account Audit
  • Facebook Page Audit
  • Facebook Account Audit (mobile)
  • Facebook Page Audit (mobile)
  • Are you ready to master sponsored ads on IG & FB?
  • Discussion Center
  • LinkedIn Account Audit
  • LinkedIn Page Audit
  • LinkedIn Audit (mobile)
  • Discussion Center
  • Whatsapp Business Audit
  • Discussion Center
  • Google My Business Audit
  • Google My Business Audit (mobile)
  • Discussion Center
  • Instagram audit checklist
  • Facebook account audit checklist
  • Facebook page audit checklist
  • LinkedIn account audit checklist
  • LinkedIn page checklist
  • Whatsapp business checklist
  • Google my business checklist
  • 30 days content calendar
  • 25+ Tools Every Business Owner Needs
  • Discussion Center

Best Offer

It's time to restructure that page and get it ready to convert your prospects to customers!



Frequently Asked Questions

The course is self-paced. You start and end the course when you wish and you can take your course at any time of the day that’s convenient for you

You have full access to the course and all the materials inside for 12 months

The class is hosted on our website and you’ll be getting access immediately after payment. In the past we’ve had cases of intellectual theft while holding our courses on WhatsApp and Telegram. This almost discouraged us from sharing our knowledge.

Hosting it on our own platform protects us and allows us to truly give you our best without fear of theft. Our students have also confirmed how easy it is to navigate through the course step by step without unnecessary group messages interrupting the flow. Have you ever been lost in the middle of a WhatsApp class? Like, you can’t remember which message you read last, which audio you last listened to or which video you last watched, you can’t recall where you stopped. Picture a dashboard created for you and tailored to just you. You resume your course automatically from where you stopped because it saves your progress. There’s no chance of missing anything or ever getting lost!

Of course! We will always give you the opportunity to ask questions. This course comes with a discussion forum where you can ask your questions and get solutions straight from the coach. You’ll also be able to see questions that have been answered by other students and our responses to them, your question may have been answered already.

That’s impossible! But, just so you know, you are covered by our refund policy. If you get into the course and realize that we didn’t deliver on our part of the deal, you can get a refund within 24hrs of purchase. If you find out that what we promised to teach you, wasn’t taught, we will give you back double of your money plus apology for time wasted. You have nothing to loose by signing up for this course and everything to gain!

Definitely! Yes, you can. Please make payment of the exact course amount to:

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  • GTBank

Immediately after payment, please send the following details to our email,

  1. Evidence of payment (Screenshot or text of debit alert)
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All details should  be sent in one email, if you forgot any info resend everything again as one email. Please every single one of this information is important for your enrollment into this course! You will not be enrolled without them.

Your payment will be confirmed by our team and you’ll be enrolled within 48hrs or less. Please note that enrollment will not be automatic as we’ll need to wait for the payment to reflect in our account, confirm the payment and enroll you manually. If you’re in a hurry, please pay with the card option on this page and you’ll get access to this course within seconds.

Don't Push Traffic To Your Page Without Doing This!

We want you to have a thriving online business. We want you to succeed. Your success is our ONLY bragging right!


Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

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