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In a survey sponsored by Oberlo, marketers and business owners where asked which strategy they believe really boosted their awareness, engagement and revenue and 88% of them said it was content  marketing. A whooping 88%! Why are you still sleeping on this?

With a good content marketing strategy, converting your prospects to buyers ets easier. If i gave you a secret key that’ll help you to turn just 1% of that number into your loyal fans and customers, would you be interested to know how? 

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Imagine tons of other things you could accomplish with all that saved time! What do you know about our content marketing template? This template will save you hours of research and brain-storming which you can now put into the parts of your business that you actually love.

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Here's why you should get the Content Factory: This is one tool you'll own and wonder how
you survived without it!

As a business owner, with or without a team, it’s important that you have an excellent content strategy. This is a necessity & not a luxury! Creating and publishing content without a plan is a waste of time, energy and effort. All the creative burnouts you’ve been exposed to are because you’ve been working tirelessly on content strategies that are ineffective. And trust me, you don’t have to go through all of that! Making that post without a proper content marketing strategy could be a disaster! Don’t be one of those business owners that keeps posting for posting sake. You can’t grow a successful online business by doing that. Instead of focusing on quick posts that won’t help you, why not use this template to put out content that your audience will resonate with & want to engage with. The Content Factory will help you to focus on long-term strategy that will 10X your marketing results. And guess what? You’ll be able to do this effortlessly by following our daily prompts & tips.

Boost Brand Awareness

The content factory will help you create & distribute your content in slightly different ways to best meet the needs of the audience on each of your social media platforms! By planning and organizing your content, you can also maintain a consistent brand voice and messaging.

Enhances Consistency

With this template, you'll have a clear plan and structure for creating and publishing content. It allows you to schedule content in advance, ensuring that you always have something to post and that your content stays valuable to your audience.

Audience Engagement

Great content is equal to great value, great value is equal to a more engaged and active audience. A more engaged and active audience is equal to higher, visibility, reach and brand awareness which will in turn drive more SALES! Do you see why it's so important to get this template now?

Nurture Quality Leads

Your content has to work for you and we know how to make it work! If you're stuck posting everyday with nothing to show for it then it means your content isn't working for you, rather you're working for your content. Your content should help you attract leads and convert those leads to sales

Does This Sound Like You?

🔸You rack your brain everyday to think of content for your brand or business.

🔸You’re always stressed out because of content issues

🔸You brainstorm for hours with no results. You’re always having creative block.

🔸You don’t have a marketing team or personnel that’ll handle your content for you. You’re still a small business owner and can’t afford to employ someone to be coming up with content ideas.  

🔸Your social media accounts have been inactive and are not growing because of your inconsistency in posting valuable content.

🔸Your posts are not exciting or interactive and because of this, your engagement levels are very low. You don’t remember the last time you got a comment or share.

🔸Your business has not been attracting leads because your social media posts are kind of boring. 

🔸You find it hard to market your product or service in different ways and you don’t know how to blend your content with marketing. 

🔸Your content marketing plug is not delivering as expected or their rates are way above your budget 

Or maybe;

🔸You’re a business owner who only posts pictures of products all the time because you don’t know what to post.

🔸You desire to be consistent in your content plan but you don’t even have an idea of what you should be posting everyday?

🔸You dream of content ideas but, you don’t know how to phrase it or package it.

I can relate honestly because I’ve been there too… I understand what it feels like to be helpless in this situation.


What if I told you that you don’t have to worry about any of these problems anymore. The solution you have been waiting for is right here and it’s called THE CONTENT FACTORY!

Consistent and relevant content will turn your business around

Oma, are you sure of what you are saying?

Yes, I have been there before. Remember, I was a business owner who faced different obstacles when she first started her business online, so I understand that desire to create sales boosting content. I can help you!

Engaging meetings
and webinars plan

The biggest benefits of attending webinars are gaining knowledge & upskilling. Webinars are great resources of information. As career counsellors, you can understand.

Meetings can be started freely

This one may seem simple, but inviting attendees to ask questions during your webinar interaction with your audience.

See what other people
have to say about this template...

See what other people
have to say about this template...

Awesome Templates


Did you know that it takes about 40 minutes a day to create content for your social media?

🔸You will save 40 minutes of your time everyday when you get this content calendar.

🔸You  will be in a more effective, relaxed and stable state of mind to run your business without worrying about what post to make.

🔸You’ll eventually have more time and energy to focus on other parts of your business that bring in the bulk of the money.

Who doesn’t want all of these? Definitely not you! A content calendar will give you a better perspective of your overall marketing strategy. You’ll be able to align your post topics with your social media content. Imagine being able to leverage on the diverse content types available by implementing them on social media platforms without having to do the thinking or organization.

STEP one

save hours on content creation & brainstorming

You can save hours and hours of time you’ve wasted thinking & brainstorming on what and what not to post. 

Over 1225+ content prompts have been put together and it works for both products and service based. This is the template that will serve you forever till you’re tired because it can be reused again and again.

STEP two

access to high quality prompts that converts

You will have access to high-quality content that is proven to attract your potential customers and convert them into paying customers and not only that, it will give you exactly what to post each day and how often. 

The content can be used across all your social media platforms. This means, no more frustration over what to post, and no more worries.

Chapter three

Dialogue with renato casaro

The fortuitous encounter between Maurizio Baroni and Francesco Ceccarelli, Art director of Bunker. How Lazy Dog Press made possible the realization of this volume.

These and more are what you will get when you grab your own copy of THE CONTENT FACTORY today....

🔸You will get over 730 content prompts. This will give you 2 content ideas per day that you can use.

🔸365 Story prompts to help you stay consistent on your stories too. 

🔸130 video ideas that you can use to create highly engaging & viral videos for your business. 

🔸3 sample calendars to give you an idea of how to use this template. One calendar for a physical product business, one for a digital product business and one for a service based business. 

Both product and service bases can adopt this template and create their content for the week in less than an hour. If you’re running both a physical and service based business like me, congratulations! You just used a stone to kill two birds.

And that is not all!

You’ll get these bonuses too:

🔸Video guide on how to schedule to stay consistent

🔸Mini-course on how to get unlimited content for your business for FREE

This is not your regular template that has been put together after visiting google, watching YouTube videos or reading blog posts.


This is me giving you my 5+ years experience as a content marketer. Content marketing is where it started from for me before I even entered other areas of digital marketing and I have the battle scars to show for it.

And yes, I must warn you…

After getting this template, so many people will ask you why you smile so much more these days and you’ll remember that I TOLD YOU SO. 

Just imagine being consistent online, posting on a daily basis without scratching your head on what to post. Imagine you have over 1,225 content ideas to use. You create the type of posts your audience is happy to engage with and customers love you and want to buy from you

Imagine yourself having enough time to do more things for yourself and your business because the issue of what to post has been sorted

Anything can happen at any time that may or may not be within your control, e.g. mood swings, financial issues, health challenges and so on. My question for you is this… Must your online business suffer for it?

Remember, consistency is paramount to a business that wants to thrive online. Getting the content factory is just all you need to scale up your business

The best part is that it doesn’t even cost much!

Looking at all the effort and value that is packed inside the content marketing template. It’s worth more than ₦130,000. But, you won’t be paying anything close to that. No, you won’t even pay half of that amount.  You will be getting this template and every other bonus for just ₦12,000.

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The prompts you’re about to see inside the The Content Factory has been tested and proven to work 100% of the time, and I guarantee you that you won’t find this knowledge and value offered anywhere else.

Complete Access to bonuses worth over N50K if you decide to take action now!

3 sample calendars created for you

This template comes with 3 sample calendars that you can use as inspiration. One calendar was created for a digital product business, one for physical product business and a third one for a service based business. This is also proof that this template can work for any type of business.

A guide video showing you how to use this calendar

This guide video will show you how you can get an unlimited amount of content from this calendar in very easy steps. 

Disclaimer: I sent this template to 9 people in different niches to test and they used it very easily without a guide but, I’m giving this video because I want to make sure that you get good results.

15 sales objections and how to cancel them.

One phrase that business owners hate to hear is “I’ll get back to you” This is because most times they’ll never get back to you. 

In this eBook, I’ll show you how to handle this objection and win the sale. It also comes with a free template on exactly what to say in situations like this.  

30+ hacks you can use to get unlimited fresh ideas for your content

This is a 3 hrs mini course that’ll show you all the secrets in content research and validation. Combine your own copy of The Content Factory template with the hacks shared inside this course and content that converts or engages can never be a problem for you again!

15 tools you need to scale your business online.

You don’t need to worry about what tools or software you competitors are using to thrive…because inside this resource, I’ll be sharing with you 15 must have tools you need as an online business owner to scale your business. 

40 Magic words to boost your sales and marketing.

Here, I’ll be giving you access to compelling words that you can deploy on your copy, captions or emails…to drive people to take specific actions you want them to take. 

I’ll also be showing words you should avoid if you ant to drive in more sales. 

over 100+ additional content ideas in bonus section

In addition to 1225+ prompts for your content we also added even more content ideas in a bonus section inside your template. I wasn’t joking when I said this is a content factory.

Your purchase is covered by our 24 hours money back guarantee!

If you get this cheatsheet and realize that we didn’t deliver on our part of the deal, you can get a refund within 24hrs of purchase.

Not just a refund but double of your money plus an apology for waisting your time.

You have nothing to loose getting THE CONTENT FACTORY, but everything to gain!

get The Content Factory at a one time price

₦12,000 Real price - Pay Just ₦8,000 Now To Download Your Own Copy




Not convinced? Here are 4 groups of people that should get this blueprint now!

If you fall into any of the categories I just mentioned above, The Content Factory is exactly what you need right now. 

get The Content Factory at a one time price

₦12,000 Real price - Pay Just ₦8,000 Now To Download Your Own Copy



Recap of everything you’re getting today for only ₦8,000

the content factory together with 5 amazing bonuses worth over ₦130,000

All the bonuses you’re getting today are worth over ₦130K. Click the orange button below to unlock instant access to this cheatsheet and all the bonuses. 



You’re backed with our 100% money back guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions

 Do you have any questions? We have answers!

Your cheat sheet for unlimited, highly engaging & highly converting content

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My name is Ihuoma Chukwuezi and I’m a digital marketer, trainer and coach. I’m the founder of @digitalbizguru & I am also an entrepreneur just like you. Yes, I manage other businesses asides this one on coaching and that’s exactly why I can understand where it pinches you. I’ve been running my businesses online since 2016 but I only started coaching in 2020. If there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s sharing and impacting knowledge. I love to teach, many have said I’m really good at it and that’s why I’m the best person to guide you through this journey.

If you haven’t already grabbed your copy of this template, you need to move now!

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Easy-to-Follow Daily Prompts

With these prompts, you’ll always have lots of ideas on what to post

​Written By A Business Owner For Business Owners

I understand your pain and that’s why I’ve created this template to be simple and very easy to use

​Real Examples ​Inside

I’ve included examples of how this content template was used by a physical product business, digital product business and service based business

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