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I’ll be revealing my tested and proven Ads targeting strategies that I have used to create a successful business for myself and also my clients. These are strategies that I have never revealed to anyone ever before but, I’ll finally be revealing them to you today! 

You Deserve This!

You deserve to be successful. You work everyday to grow your business and even when it’s difficult, you don’t back down. I truly believe there’s no one that merits success more than you. You deserve to run a business that has good brand awareness, raving fans, a business that’s profitable and that has loyal customers and you deserve to do this all with minimum effort… Yet you’re struggling everyday to make even one sale!

The average business owner doesn’t have it easy. They run ads but it keeps going to the wrong people and these people don’t buy and because of this, sales are down! They’re barely managing to hang on. They’ve signed up for lots of sponsored Ads courses and still no improvement. Is this you? I’m here to tell you that Sponsored Ads are not your problem, your targeting is! Once you get your targeting right you’ve already done most of the work of creating a highly profitable AD.

Is This For Me?

This course will teach you how to target the right audience and move from poor sales to sold out. You’ll perfect targeting and be able to run profitable ads by yourself. This means that you never need to pay someone to run your ads for you again, thereby saving even more money for yourself.

Now, you’ll have full access and the opportunity to duplicate my hacks and tricks when it comes to targeting when you sign up for the RAZOR TARGETING Course.

Business Owners

Business owners who want to use Ads to grow their business

Bloggers & Freelancers

This course is perfect for bloggers and freelancers who want to get more people to read their content or buy from them

Students and Sit-at-home moms

Anyone who wants to do their own marketing – and not waste money. Anyone who wants to learn from a seasoned expert

Website Owners

Website owners who want to increase web traffic, conversions, and sales

Digital Marketers

Digital marketers who want to learn so that they can teach others or offer it as a service

You Need This!

This economy hasn’t been good to most business owners. This means that this is not a good time to be wasting TIME and MONEY on testing without knowing if you’re going in the right direction or not. 

Knowing all this has prompted me to think of how I can help business owners that are looking to advertise their businesses with sponsored ads. It wasn’t an easy decision to come to especially knowing the amount of money it has made me but, I eventually made up my mind to share my secrets with you!

Is This You?

Have you been running ads and it seems like almost everyone that contacts you are your competitors? We both know that these group of people will never buy from you. They’re only there to pick up your strategies and see if they can implement it in their business. 

You keep experiencing this because you’re not targeting right! In this course I’ll show you what you could be doing wrong and how you can make this better!

What You'll Learn in This Course

  • Understanding your buyer persona.
  • How to know the right people to target
  • How to know the keywords to use in your targeting.
  • Introduction to saved audiences
  • Understanding interest audiences
  • Understanding demographics
  • Understanding behaviors
  • Intro to Custom audiences
  • Customer List
  • Website C.A
  • Video views audiences
  • Instagram audiences
  • Facebook audiences
  • Exclusion with custom audiences
  • Lookalike audiences
  • Broad Targeting
  • Location based targeting
  • Narrow Targeting
  • Interest Layering
  • Zero Targeting
  • Laser Targeting
  • The 3 Different types of audiences every funnel has
  • Targeting options to attract rich people and active buyers
  • How to stop your ad from showing reapeatedly to the same people.
  • Setting up your pixel
  • Installing your pixel
  • Setting up events
  • Creating Audience for those events
  • Traffic Ad with Pixels
  • Conversion Ad with pixels
  • How to implement targeting with your boost Ad.
  • Myth 1 – Choose automatic placement and allow Facebook to choose what’s best
  • Myth 2 – Common targeting mistakes you are probably making.

Special Bonuses For You...


To implement and master what I’m about to teach you, no technical skills are required. You don’t need to know how to code or to be very tech savvy. You don’t even need to be a digital marketing expert to use what I’ll be teaching. All you need is the willingness to learn so that you can then implement these strategies into your targeting. Some of the bonuses are included below:


Bonus 1

11 Mistakes That Are Killing Your Ads - A detailed eBook on things that you should not do when you're running your Ads


Bonus 2

Practical: How to set targets relating to different types of businesses. Eg. fashion & beauty, baby wears, souvenirs, skincare, non-profits, event planners, baking or catering, affiliate marketing etc.


Bonus 3

Access to a FREE targeting tool that will cut down your targeting research time to half!


In addition to the 3 bonuses you’ll get when you sign up now, I’ll also be giving you 2 gifts for signing up at the PRE-LAUNCH price. These bonuses will disappear as soon as this launch is over and they are never coming back!


Bonus 4

Razor targeting worksheet (only available to Pre-launch geng)


Bonus 5

8 weeks support group (only available to Pre-launch geng

Expert Reviews

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Kiara Luke
Founder CEO, JL Tech


  • Automatic access into the course
  • One year access plus future updates
  • Discussion forum inside the course where you can ask all your questions
  • Weekly reminders via email


You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers!

When does the course begin and end?

This course is self-paced. You start and end the course when you wish and you can take your course at any time of the day that’s convenient for you. This course is currently on pre-order and you get it on the launch day (30th of August)

How long do I have access to the course material for?

You have full access to the course and all the materials inside for 12 months

Will this course hold on WhatsApp?

The class is hosted on our website and you’ll be getting access immediately after payment. In the past we’ve had cases of intellectual theft while holding our courses on WhatsApp and Telegram. This almost discouraged us from sharing our knowledge.

Hosting it on our own platform protects us and allows us to truly give you our best without fear of theft. Our students have also confirmed how easy it is to navigate through the course step by step without unnecessary group messages interrupting the flow. Have you ever been lost in the middle of a WhatsApp class? Like, you can’t remember which message you read last, which audio you last listened to or which video you last watched, you can’t recall where you stopped. Picture a dashboard created for you and tailored to just you. You resume your course automatically from where you stopped because it saves your progress. There’s no chance of missing anything or ever getting lost!

Can I ask questions?

Of course! This course comes with a discussion forum where  you will have access to the coach and you can ask any questions you may have.

What’s the difference between this program and all the other similar programs?

The simplicity & Focus. Everything is broken down to bits that you can easily assimilate and comprehend. We concentrate on one thing and one thing only… TARGETING. This course is unlike any course you’ve seen before

Can I pay via bank transfer not card?

Definitely! Yes, you can. Please make payment of the exact course amount to:

  • 0258393939
  • Ihuoma chukwuezi
  • GTBank

Immediately after payment, please send the following details to our email,

  1. Evidence of payment (Screenshot or text of debit alert)
  2. Your First Name
  3. Your Last Name
  4. Your Most Active Email Address (preferably gmail)
  5. Name of the course you paid for
  6. If another person made the payment on your behalf, you’ll also send us the Full Name of the person who made the payment

All details should  be sent in one email, if you forgot any info resend everything again as one email. Please every single one of this information is important for your enrollment into this course! You will not be enrolled without them.

Your payment will be confirmed by our team and you’ll be enrolled within 48hrs or less. Please note that enrollment will not be automatic as we’ll need to wait for the payment to reflect in our account, confirm the payment and enroll you manually. If you’re in a hurry, please pay with the card option on this page and you’ll get access to this course within seconds.

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