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Upgrade Your Sponsored Ads Skills to the Next Level With "The Novice2Pro In Ads Course"

Because you signed up for the "7 Secreta Of A Highly Successful Ad", We'll be giving you a MASSIVE DISCOUNT and you can sign up for the Novice2Pro In Sponsored Ads Course at half the price when you sign up now! Yes, you'll be getting this course for a massive 50% discount when you sign up now!

Create Better Ads For Less Than $10

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It’s time to FIRE your advertiser. You can become an expert yourself and create your AD in 30 days or less, even if you’ve never run ads before!


It’s… AWARENESS. No matter how amazing your funnels, how interesting your content is or how juicy your offer is, we can not buy from you if we never knew you existed. No business can survive without creating awareness for themselves. The big boys/girls in your industry are big because a lot of people know them. You too can chill with the big boys, you just need people to first know you exist.

LIKE IT OR NOT, but sponsored ads is one of the most affordable ways to get new eyeballs on your business everyday.

It’s no longer wise to depend on just organic traffic. The problem now is that it seems like you need a PHD to crack this sponsored ads of a thing. Well, you don’t and I can prove it to you!

Does this sound like you?

You’ve tried EVERYTHING, taken so many courses and yet you still don’t understand this sponsored ads. I can understand how frustrated you must feel, I’ve been there. Luckily, this will be your last bustop. The method of teaching used in this course is the ABC method , meaning that it’s very simplified. Follow me step by step and you won’t have any issues and even if you do, I have templates and guides to help you get unstuck!

You’ve run ads in the past but you’re not really sure of what you did (you were winging it) but now, you’re tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you zero results. I’m here to guide you through your whole setup start to finish. It’s time to stop winging it and start getting it right.

You’re not very familiar with sponsored ads or how it works. You’re my favourite person to teach because unlike with other people who have to unlearn and relearn, with you, I have a blank slate to work with and you’ll get it right the very first time. LUCKY YOU!


"30 people in my DM after few hours of running the AD. Over 1700 reach with just #233 naira in Ad spend"

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Coach Oma thank you, thank you and thank you again. I can’t thank you enough really. I did my first Ad using the carousel format and the results are so good. It has really been wow. I have had over 30 people in just few hours that have shown interest in my product. Over 1700 reach with just #233 naira in Ad spend o. 

I’m blessing you with my whole heart. God bless you for me!

— @merrykidsng


It's okay for you to have doubts...

I understand that you may be scared of signing up for this course, maybe you got burnt in one of your past encounters. I can guarantee you that this will be different. 40% of our clients and students come from referrals. Do you think anyone will want to refer someone they had a bad experience with?

You’re in absolutely safe hands! I have worked with 1,137 businesses around the world through my digital products and services.

If you’re ready to finally crack sponsored ads. You shouldn’t think twice about signing up.


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

This could be you...

Imagine yourself running ads that are converting like crazy. You’re no more spending hours on google and YouTube trying to figure it out yourself, you no longer have to pay an advertiser to create your ads for you (you know, most good advertisers don’t come cheap). You turn on and turn off your ads when you want. You know exactly what to do when your ads are not performing well  to make it better. 

This could be you, but you still haven’t signed up for this amazing course.

Your life before the course:

Your life after the course:


The "Novice2Pro in sponsored ADs" course

This is the last course you’ll need on sponsored ads. After this course you’ll know how to run your ads, get quality leads & potential customers and also solve all advert related issues you have on your account.


What You'll Learn

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

The “Novice2Pro in ADs” course is a very detailed course made up of 12 modules and about 70 lessons. It’s a full video course so you get to see every single thing I’m doing…NO SECRETS. This course also has some documents and templates to help you with your implementation. Here’s a sneak peek into what is contained in the first 4 modules of this course. Remember, there’s more where that came from.



This module gives you an insight on what sponsored ads is all about and what you should expect from this course.


Setting Up

The main work begins in this module. We’ll be covering how to setup your ad accounts, payments, facebook/instagram pages and your business manager.


Creating your AD

Where the last module covers all the necessary setup and tech you need before you tap on that create button to start creating your ads. This module will show you what to do once you tap on ‘create’. The list below is not exhaustive of all that is contained in this module.


Understanding your audience

Here we’ll cover all that you’ll need to crack targeting. Knowing who you should run your ads to is very important and understanding your customer is the key to getting it right.





Bonuses (worth over ₦50,000)

Enroll now and you’ll also get these 3 bonus trainings totally FREE! The last two bonuses are priceless because they’ll save you a great deal of money and time but I decided to fix a price to make the maths easy. Eg with the second bonus, you never need to pay anyone again for any account issues you have because I’ll show you different ways to contact facebook/instagram yourself. One of my students is steadily cashing out from this just by resolving advertising issues for different people.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

WORTH ₦20,000

Bonus #1

Behind the scenes of a complete AD setup from start to finish. in an hour & 30 minutes, I’ll walk you through the ad creation setup for one of our clients and the thought processes behind it.

WORTH ₦20,000

Bonus #2

2 ways to contact Facebook/Instagram support directly, chat with them and get a response instantly plus an ebook on how to get in touch with facebook when you have a problem or complaint

WORTH ₦15,000

Bonus #3

A secret but FREE and very easy to use audience targeting tool. This tool will help you cut down your audience research in half. It took years before I discovered it myself but I’ll be giving it to you for free if you sign up now

“Oma is a guru indeed, the simplicity with which she explains every topic is top notch. She has sponsored ads at the tip of her fingers.”

— @floxymuch


You also get all the following when you sign up now!


If you sign up now, you’ll get access to live weekly coaching sessions with me for 8 weeks where you can ask any questions you may have in real time.


You also get access to a support group for two months immediately after your enrollment. This is to encourage you to take the course and implement.


You get workbooks & checklists that’ll help you with implementation and also weekly emails reminders for two months.

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Learn the Next Level Ad Skills from An Experienced Coach

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7 Day Money-Back Guarantee

TRY THE ‘Novice2Pro In ADs’ COURSE. If you get into the course and discover that we didn’t come through on all the value we promised to dish out, please reach out to us for a full refund and we’ll send you back double the money as apology for time wasted. That’s how sure we are of what we’re offering.

You've got questions? We have answers!

This discount is available for you if you sign up within the next 24hrs. After the timer hits zero, you’ll have to pay the full price. I hope you move quickly and grab this course at this discount price. No worries though, you’ll still get the full value from the course even if the discount is no longer available for you.

The course is self-paced. You start and end the course when you wish and you can take your course at any time of the day that’s convenient for you

You have full access to the course and all the materials inside for 12 months

The class is hosted on our website and you’ll be getting access immediately after payment. In the past we’ve had cases of intellectual theft while holding our courses on WhatsApp and Telegram. This almost discouraged us from sharing our knowledge.

Hosting it on our own platform protects us and allows us to truly give you our best without fear of theft. Our students have also confirmed how easy it is to navigate through the course step by step without unnecessary group messages interrupting the flow. Have you ever been lost in the middle of a WhatsApp class? Like, you can’t remember which message you read last, which audio you last listened to or which video you last watched, you can’t recall where you stopped. Picture a dashboard created for you and tailored to just you. You resume your course automatically from where you stopped because it saves your progress. There’s no chance of missing anything or ever getting lost!

The simplicity. Everything is broken down to bits that you can easily assimilate and comprehend. Both a 56 year old lady and an 18 year old have gone through this course and created their first AD 

Of course! The silver plan comes with an 8 weeks support group on WhatsApp where  you will have direct access to the coach and you can ask any questions you may have. We’ll also be going live every week to answer your questions in real time.

Yes, there is. You can CLICK HERE to download it. We add lessons to the course every time and also update it, so there’s a lot more in the course than what you see on that course outline but it’ll give you a general idea of what’s covered

That’s impossible! But, just so you know, you are still covered by our 7-days refund policy if you get into the course and realize that we didn’t deliver on our part of the deal. You have nothing to loose by signing up for this course and everything to gain!

Of course. We have a 60 days support group where you can ask all your questions plus there’ll be weekly LIVE coaching sessions too. This is to help you stay accountable and make the journey easier for you. 

You’ll also get an email from us once a week to give you extra morale to start and finish the course. The weekly emails are available to both the silver and gold plans. We’ll do our best to make sure you get value for your money!

Yes, you can. Please make payment of the exact cost of your preferred plan.

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After payment, please send evidence of payment and name of the person who made the payment to info@digitalbizguru.com.ng

Your payment will be confirmed and you’ll be enrolled within 48hrs or less. Please note that enrollment will not be automatic as we’ll need to confirm payment and enroll you manually. If you’re in a hurry, please pay with the card option on this page and you’ll be enrolled immediately.


Here's what past students have to say about us

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

You’re the teacher every digital business person needs. I’m glad I came across you when I needed you the most. Thanks for offering so much value. All the questions I never knew I had were answered.
The course is so informative, educating and easy to understand. It’s really amazing. It’s one of the best decisions I made this year. I recommend this course 100%. Enroll now if you’re still sitting on the fence.
The class was really explicit (no cutting around the corners). I sincerely doubt any other coach could have done better. I’m glad I got value back for my money.

Ready to get result like these?

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One-time payment of


Get This Course At A One Time Discount Now!


This Could Be You...

Imagine yourself running ads that are converting like crazy. You're no more spending hours on google and YouTube trying to figure it out yourself, you no longer have to pay an advertiser to create your ads for you (you know, most good advertisers don't come cheap). This could be you, but you still haven't signed up for this amazing course.


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I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about the “Novice2Pro in ADs” course. You can email us directly at info@digitalbizguru.com.ng to get in touch and we’ll return the favor within 48 business hours or less.

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