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I’m yet to see an industry that digital marketing wasn’t effective for. The issue is that most times a business is not touching all the areas of digital marketing. They’re good in just one area of digital marketing and zero in the others eg. they could be good in churning out good content ideas and bad in writing the copy, they could know how to create sponsored ads well but the graphics they’ve designed for the ad is terrible and because of this, they end up getting poor conversions from the ad. This is because they’re only focused on one part of digital marketing. What if you could have it all but at an amazing price? You could be an all round digital marketer when you sign up to this program. Here’s your chance!

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Do you want to become a full stack digital marketer? You want training in different areas of digital marketing? We gat you! 

Being a full stack digital marketer will help you become well rounded and that is what we recommend. In the next 16 weeks, you could be one of our graduating students if you sign up now. We’re going to coach you on 6 different areas of digital marketing and they are content marketing, graphics designing, email marketing, copywriting, whatsapp marketing and sponsored ads. The 6 areas we’ll be covering, will be grouped into 6 lessons. Each lesson listed below will take about 2 weeks to complete.


Ihuoma Chukwuezi


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“My name is Ihuoma Chukwuezi and I’m a digital marketer, trainer and coach. I’m the founder of @digitalbizguru & I am also an entrepreneur just like you. Yes, I manage other businesses asides this one on coaching and that’s exactly why I can understand where it pinches you. I’ve been running my businesses online since 2016 but I only started coaching in 2020. If there’s one thing I’m passionate about, it’s sharing and impacting knowledge. I love to teach, many have said I’m really good at it and that’s why I’m the best person to guide you through this journey.”

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Are you not tired of wasting time, money, and energy on methods that give you zero results? I’m here to guide you through your whole setup start to finish. It’s time to stop winging it and start getting it right.

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This coaching program will hold for 30 days. We start immediately after your payment has been confirmed and the schedule has been set.

How does lifetime access sound? Yeah, that’s what you get!

The focus, accountability and results. Courses are amazing but a lot of people have very short attention spans, they find it hard to set out time to take the course or even to implement. This program will give you results even if you don’t want them. It is a live coaching program meaning that I’ll be live with you in class every single day, you get me as an accountability partner and you must implement because I don’t tolerate excuses.

Yes, I listed some of the topics and areas covered in this course on this page. You can refer to that section. We will also create a schedule tailored to you so that you know exactly what we’ll be covering each day for the 30 days.

That’s impossible! But, just so you know, you are still covered by our 7-days refund policy if you get into the program and realize that we didn’t deliver on our part of the deal. You have nothing to loose by signing up for this program and everything to gain!

Of course. You have full access to the coach. You can bombard us with as many questions as you want.

Definitely! Yes, you can. Please make payment of the exact amount for this coaching program to:

  • 0258393939
  • Ihuoma chukwuezi
  • GTBank

Immediately after payment, please send the following details to our email,

  1. Evidence of payment (Screenshot or text of debit alert)
  2. Your First Name
  3. Your Last Name
  4. Your Most Active Email Address (preferably gmail)
  5. Name of the coaching program you paid for
  6. If another person made the payment on your behalf, you’ll also send us the Full Name of the person who made the payment

All details should  be sent in one email, if you forgot any info resend everything again as one email. Please every single one of this information is important for your enrollment into this program! You will not be enrolled without them.

Your payment will be confirmed by our team and you’ll be contacted within 48hrs or less. 


Don’t see your question in the FAQ’s?

I love connecting with you and answering your burning questions about this coaching program. You can email us directly at to get in touch and we’ll return the favor within 48 business hours or less.


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